360 Spin Photography Training

360 spin photography training

360 spin photography training

We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Spin School’ – bespoke training courses teaching you the skills you need to shoot your own 360 product spins.

Whether you are a retailer or a photographer, we have a course to suit every need. From half day software sessions to week long studio training you’ll be learning from two of the leading names in the 360 spin industry and discovering the ‘secrets’ of the Swiftspin studio.


For retailers we offer a complete in-house package. We’ll come to you and help set-up your own 360 studio, custom designed around your own product. From camera and lighting advice with Pete, to processing and software integration with Terry, this bespoke training is no ‘out of the box’ offering. It is custom designed for you and your product, be it fashion, electronics, homeware or jewellery; hanging, supported, reflected or animated, we’ll develop the right solution to your 360 photography problems.

As well as one-to-one training, you’ll receive:

  • A bespoke manual turntable built to match your needs
  • License-free software code
  • Tips and tricks for spinning ‘your’ product
  • As a bespoke training service we tailor the course to fit your needs, so clickety click the button and we’ll get the ball rolling.



    Aimed at experienced commercial studio photographers we offer a series of ‘hints and tips’ courses at the Swiftspin Studio.

    There are a number of packages to choose from:

  • A full day photography, processing and software package
  • A half day photography package
  • A half day processing and software package
  • Turntables are supplied with photography packages and license-free code with software packages.

    Tappety tap the button and find out how you can start offering a 360 spin service to your clients.