Swiftspin’s Unique ‘Trackspin’ Technique Explained

‘Trackspin’ is a unique technique we’ve developed which helps to emphasise important parts of a product within a standard 360 spin template. Giving the impression of the camera tracking a path around the product, TrackSpin can also be programmed to zoom in to preferred areas as the product spins.

Similar techniques would require multiple spins merged together, but Trackspin allows the spin to be performed in a single rotation. This saves a huge amount of time in both photography and processing.

The idea first came to us when we noticed that seeing all the way around a product was sometimes not the best idea. An electrical safety label, a completely plain back or an unfinished area of a sample can all effect a spin’s appearance but are difficult to avoid in a 360 degree rotation. If we could develop a way of bypassing these areas we believed our spins would be even more pleasing to the eye.

It was only after discussing the technique with clients that we began concentrating on making certain details clearer, as opposed to not showing the less aesthetically pleasing parts.

The technique has already been successfully implemented on gifs for the Adidas Predator Football Boot on their Twitter feed, which has helped enhance Swiftspin’s development capabilities.

Give the Adidas Predator football boot a Swift Spin

We’ve also produced a range of 360 Trackspins for Ixion Dental Tools. They wanted to show close-up detail which would not have been possible in a standard spin.

Trackspin is unique to the Swiftspin Studio and has a number of advantages.

1. It allows zoom within a standard template thus reducing file size and download time.
2. It lets the client choose their own route around ther product. It isn’t fixed.
3. It can avoid areas the client does not want to be seen – not possible in a normal 360.
4. It allows for more creativity which helps to engage customers.

If you’d like to discuss how your products might look in a 360 Trackspin, please contact us.