Spin The Bottle!

There’s nearly always a bottle to be found in the Swiftspin Studio, and not just because Terry and Pete enjoy a cheeky cider on a Friday afternoon. The fact is we have quite a few drink manufacturers, retailers and brands on our client list, including:

drink cans photography
water bottle photography
drink bottles photography
bottle photography
drink bottle photography
drink bottle photography

As we photograph so many bottles and cans we have a dedicated turntable which we’ve developed especially for the task. It means we can achieve a high quality spin for all shapes and sizes.
line up of drinks bottles and cans

But why would you need to spin a drink bottle? You may well ask.

Well, how many times have you been attracted by a bottle of wine, grabbed it off the shelf, then turned it round to read the ABV before buying it? You can do that with a spin. If used large enough (in a TrackSpin for example) you can even read the small print on labels. A typical example would be the nutritional information which is often on the back.

Show the whole bottle design, or…

.. read the back label using ‘Trackspin’

Another reason to use spins is that every drink manufacturer and retailer needs product shots for branding, advertising and PR use. Our clients get a 360 degree spin, plus 36 high resolution jpegs, often for less than some studios charge for a single still shot.

Finally, any design features which wrap around the bottle can also be seen to best effect. You can also get creative with how to present a range of flavours for example:

So if you manufacture or retail bottles of drink, why not consider a 360 spin? You’ll be giving your customers more information and getting a lot more from your photography budget too.