What are your output options?

For those of you who have used our ‘Estimate Request‘ form, you will have noticed the section called ‘Output Options’. In this section there are five different choices. We thought we’d give a brief explanation of each one so that you can decide which ones to choose:

1. HTML jQuery Output

This is the format for interactive spins on web pages. You’ll be provided with a folder for each of your product spins containing: the 36 images making up the spin; an html index file for your web designer to put in your page; and the jQuery file which makes it all work. You’ll need to let us know what the final output dimensions will be, but that can be at the last stage of production.

2. Standard Quicktime Movie

This is a movie file created from the 36 images which were taken for your HTML jQuery spin. Although they are not interactive, they are quite popular with clients for uploading to YouTube but can also be supplied as MP4 for use on Instagram. As the images already exist these movies can be output at a later date. We usually output these at 1920×1080 pixels.

3. HD Quicktime Movie

This is a movie file which is also output at 1920×1080 pixels but contains 144 images. This creates a very smooth spin which is ideal for high quality videos and broadcast. We can’t create an HD Quicktime movie from 36 images so you’ll need to decide whether you might like this option before we shoot your product.

4. Social Media Files (Animated Gifs and MP4)

These are the ones to use to get your products spinning on your social media posts. They’re not interactive but are great at grabbing attention and for your followers to share. They are usually output at around 470×470 pixels but can be made up to your specifications.

5. Set of High Resolution Images

still image photography output

As spins are made up of individually shot images (as opposed to a single video) you can get the benefit of being able to use the 36 original files in your printed literature. They are usually 2000×2000 pixels in size which means they may need extra retouching, which is why they are offered as an ‘extra’.