Don’t just Rotate… Animate!

When most people think of a 360 product spin they probably imagine an inanimate object on a white background. It’s true that most products look best on white but they certainly don’t have to be lifeless. You can always add a bit of movement for interest or, in some cases, to inform and educate.

We try and show our clients’ products moving whenever it’s appropriate. It gives the viewer much more than a still shot ever could. Be it a glove moving to show its flexibility or drawer opening and closing, movement within a 360 spin will help increase viewer interaction and help them understand your product better. As long as it’s done properly of course.

Animating within spins can be tricky, but the general rule to bear in mind before deciding what kind of animation to use is:

If your spin starts and finishes in exactly the same place then do whatever you like in-between

Give our magazine perusing model a Swift Spin

A model can move during a spin and even do a little dance on the turntable if they’re confident in getting back to where they started! Our model (who had one of the easiest modeling jobs ever) simply read her magazine at a certain speed. The speed of the animation being dictated by the number of images used to create it. The more images the slower and smoother it will appear.

Sometimes it’s best to animate before or after the complete spin has finished. Then you get the option of using the spin on its own if you need it.

Give these Vaillant work trousers a Swift Spin

Here’s another sample. This time of protective pads which are shown sliding into knee pockets on some Vaillant work trousers. The animation clearly shows the pads going up into the pockets rather than down into them. For builders and general tradespeople this keeps the pockets free from dirt and grime. Not only does the spin clearly display this, it also acts as an instruction guide for fitting them. So animation can actually gives two benefits from one spin. That can’t be bad!

Finally, we’ll leave you with another animation produced in the Swiftspin Studio. This one is a Quicktime movie and combines traditional stop-frame techniques with 360 spins. Enjoy…