Don’t get in a spin – we still do stills

While we are 360 specialists and predominantly produce 360 spins we can also create and supply still shots for our clients. We have a large fully equipped photo studio so there’s no reason why we can’t get creative with the extra still shots. Recently one client wanted some Swiftspins of their custom handmade bass guitars, but they also wanted some creative still shots to show all the unique features. We created a whole series of highly styled close ups and full length shots which were used in their printed brochure and on-line as backgrounds to their web pages.

creative guitar photography
stylish guitar photography

We produce the spin as normal and then take any extra still shots that may be required using the same lighting. This could be a close up of a unique design feature or a part not seen during the spin.

bag interior

Still shots of bag interiors are often requested…

plug input details

…as are close-ups of important details

Sometimes we get asked to spin a product in one particular colour and then to just take individual still shots of the product in all the other colour options available, or even do a single still shot of them all together as a group. We often do this for drink suppliers or companies who produce packaged products.

bottle photography
packaging photography
tin can photography

Another common request is for a still shot to show all the accessories that are supplied with the product or are available as extras, such as cables, adapters, cases, key rings etc.

dvd accessories

Accessories supplied with products…

trumpet set

…are sometimes better shot separately

And we can bundle them all together as a package, for example all the scooters we do get a spin plus 4 still shots showing details of the front wheel, the exhaust, the storage compartment under the seat and a shot of the instrument panel, all for one set fee.

instrument panel

The great thing about all these is that we can shoot them using the same settings under the same lighting set up as the spins so all the pictures and the spin look consistent. And remember we can supply you with all the individual still shots taken for the spin for you to use in any of your other marketing materials for total consistency across web and print.

Occasionally certain products either aren’t suitable for spins, (sandpaper for example – and yes we’ve been asked) or the client only wants to use the images in print and that’s fine too. We’ve done several jobs where we have just produced high quality studio product pack shots for clients. These are usually shot on white backgrounds or supplied as cut outs to be placed over existing backgrounds, but again there’s nothing to stop us getting creative if needed. We recently produced still shots for an entire brochure for a client selling watchstraps. Not only did we shoot high res still shots of all the individual straps, all shot at the same angle on a white background, but we also created several full page styled and themed shots to start each section in the brochure.

watch strap still photography

So don’t just get in a spin with your next product shots, remember we still do stills.