Brilliant Brogues

Well, we’ve never seen brogues like this before, and we’ve shot plenty in the past! As soon as we took them out of the box Pete knew he had his work cut out with lighting, but using our support set up he was able to capture the mirrored quality without showing his reflection in the spin.

These leather brogue wingtip shoes for men and women are hand-made to an exceptional quality. They feature a highly reflective gold, chrome or holographic metallic finish, with black insole and natural brown leather sole. Designed by talented artist Luke Grant-Muller, each shoe takes three or four days to make, the manufacturing process being an extension of his artistic passion which includes illustration, painting, music and video.

model wearing metallic brogues

Lifestyle images copyright 2014 Luke Grant-Muller


Terry’s thinking of getting a pair for his Salsa classes, but thinks they might draw even more attention to his atrocious footwork. However, if you’d like more information take a look at Luke’s website.