Adding A Bit Of Sparkle

A quick look at our samples page will show you that the majority of Swiftspins we create are shot on a white background, and not without good reason. It is a great way to show your product in 360, especially when you have a lot of products. It does provide a clean and consistent way to display all the products in your range and suits most website styles.

But from a style point of view even we have to admit that they are not likely to win any major awards for creativity.

Yes, some have drop shadows or reflections for a bit of variety but there’s no real reason why spins have to be shot this way, especially if you have products that deserve the special touch, jewellery being a perfect example.

As anyone who has ever tried will know, the big problem with shooting jewellery is getting the lighting right. Any direct light will cause harsh highlights and dark shadows, but too diffuse a light will cause the stones to look flat and dull and if you’re not very careful you’ll get everything in the studio, including the camera and yourself, reflected in the product. Once you’ve got all that sorted you’ve still got to tackle issues like focus, depth of field and colour balance.

All of that, and more has to be considered, and that’s just for a single still-shot, now imagine spinning the item through 360 and you can understand the problems involved.

But we enjoy a challenge here, so our creative caps were donned, the tool kit came out and with plenty of gaffer tape at the ready we set to it to build a completely new set up to allow us to shoot a Swiftspin of a ring with a touch of creativity and a dash of sparkle.

And we’re rather pleased with what we came up with – see for yourself here:

Convention is often to shoot 360’s of rings stood upright but we deliberately shot this one on its side as it gives the viewer a more comprehensive view of the ring especially the style and depth of the stone and its setting. You can’t see any of that with the ring stood up. We’ve chosen gold as a background for this sample, but this could just as easily be pink, or blue, or any colour depending on your preferences, tastes and/or colour of the stone.

But of course this isn’t just true for jewellery – we could just as easily get creative with t-shirts or handbags or spanners or guitars or, well you tell us. Backgrounds, lighting, and angles can all be styled and tweaked and created to suit.

Why not shoot t-shirts on location or handbags hung from chandeliers or waterproof watches underwater, the possibilities are almost endless, so come on set us a challenge and we’ll show you just what we can do to add a bit of sparkle to your product spins to really make them shine.