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About Valley Fitness

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The building of a large scale turntable couldn’t have been better timed for a shoot for Valley Fitness, the UK supplier of Ironmaster gym equipment.

Weightlifting equipment proved a particular challenge as, not only were the products on the large side, they were, as you’d expect, very heavy. Thankfully the floor paint we used was up to the task, our turntable easily coped with the extreme weight and James, the founder of Valley Fitness was used to lifting heavy weights on a daily basis. The same couldn’t be said for Terry and Pete whose legs were like jelly for the following few days. However, Pete has now entered the Mr Universe competition. Terry thought about it, and believes it’s the thought that counts.

Valley Fitness was formed when James became disillusioned with commercial gyms after struggling to justify the high costs when faced with over crowding at the times he wanted to train. He disliked the music choices blaring out (no such problem with the Swiftspin Studio’s track list), the journey to the gym and most of all he loathed people standing around talking and judging each other. He believed that you went to a gym to train, not chat.

It became his mission to build the gym that he always wanted in his garage at home. After countless hours researching gym equipment he decided that an Ironmaster home gym ticked all the boxes. Only to find it was not available in the UK… so James made it available.

Since those humble beginnings in a single garage, Valley Fitness has expanded into new offices, separate off-site warehouse facilities and now have an ever increasing team of outstanding people. They have exhibited at Body Power in Birmingham and FIBO in Germany, and have been featured in many magazines. They have even helped break a world record using Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells!

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gym and fitness equipment photography