360 Spin Survey

Welcome to our survey for users of 360 product spins, the results of which help us to continually improve our spins.

There are only ten multiple choice questions so it should only take you a few minutes and your answers are completely anonymous.

When you submit your answer you’ll be able to see how others have voted.

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How many websites use 360 spins

1) In the last month, how many of the online stores which you have visited have used 360 to display their products?

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how many retailers use 360 spins

2) How would you describe the number of retailers using 360 spins to display their products?

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how likely are you to view a 360 spin

3) If a product has a 360 spin as an option, how likely are you to view it?

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how would you like retailers to display their spins

4) How would you prefer retailers to show their spins?

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5) Do you prefer a 360 spin to stop after loading or to continue spinning on the page?

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how would you prefer colour options to be displayed

6) If a product comes in multiple colours, how would you prefer them to be displayed?

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shadow, reflection or cut-outs for 360 spins

7) Do you have a preference for the visual 'grounding' of a product?

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live model, mannequin or ghosted 360 photography

8) When clothing is displayed in 360, which style do you prefer?

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9) Do you think watermark protection distracts from the product?

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10) Finally, how would you rate a 360 spin as a way to display a product online?

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