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About Direct Bikes

With fuel prices on the rise, traffic congestion on our roads and parking spaces at a premium, the future for motorists certainly looks bleak. Until that is, you start to consider the benefits of the humble scooter.

As well as being the vehicle of choice for the style conscious mod in the 60’s, the scooter has become a popular mode of transport for commuters on a budget. A scooter can save time, money and the planet, as well as being great fun to ride, which is why more and more people are using them for commuting. In London for example, a scooter can cut your journey time by up to 60% and there’s no Congestion Charge. Travelling by scooter can be cheaper than buses and trains, and eco-friendly with fewer emissions than cars. Road tax is under £20, economic fuel consumption and parking is often free.

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The UK’s number one scooter brand is Direct Bikes, which may surprise some people as it’s not a name you will see in fancy showrooms. That’s because they don’t have any, instead, they supply scooters direct from the factory to your door. All ordered either online or via the telephone.

The idea of Direct Bikes was developed back in 2005 in offices above a pub in Notting Hill, London. The concept was simply to supply a new brand of scooters direct to the public, cutting out the middle man and passing the savings on to the customer. There were critics, of course. Some industry experts believed it couldn’t be done or that people wouldn’t want to buy a scooter online, but Direct Bikes’ success has certainly proved them wrong. Customers seem to love their direct, no nonsense approach to scooters and rapid sales have fueled demand with the business now expanding into Italy, Spain, Belgium and the USA. Independent figures from the Motor Cycle Industry Association confirmed Direct Bikes as the UK’s No.1 Selling Scooter brand, above the more established and recognisable brands.


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Direct Bikes


The scooters themselves arrive contained in a secure and very substantial metal framed case. This is great for the consumer as it offers a lot of protection but makes life a little awkward for a photographer who has to unpack six at a time. Once unpacked the scooters are quickly set up with any top boxes, wing mirrors or screens. It’s then a case of positioning them on the turntable ready for spinning.

You may think spinning such a large product requires a substantial turntable, but we actually use our basic 12 inch bearing with a large board on top. The scooters’ weight is on the centre stand so it spins very easily. The difficulty is in the lighting. A scooters’ panels are usually highly polished and reflect everything in the studio, which is why we take our time to position reflective panels to ensure they look their best.

Direct Bikes are beginning to establish a cult following with celebrities such as Katie Price, Henry Holland and Amir Khan having their own bespoke scooters. They may also gain entry into the Guinness Book of Records after a customer extended one of their scooters to hold up to 25 passengers! Not very practicle for parking but at least his friends are never stuck for a lift.

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