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360 spin including an animated sequence photographed on a mannequin with a white background


About Vaillant

Most of you will have heard of Vaillant, the boiler people. Well, last year we received an estimate request from them asking if it would be possible to display their range of products in 360 degrees. We knew that boilers were bulky items and wanted to know a little more detail before giving a definite yes. We asked a few questions such as weight, size and how they’d like them styled. They replied that they’d all fit in a large cardboard box which could easily be carried by one person and that they’d like them styled on a mannequin where possible. Obviously some wires had crossed somewhere and on further investigation we discovered that it wasn’t boilers they wanted spun, it was their new range of branded workwear!

vaillant photography

Vaillant can trace their history back to 1874, when Johann Vaillant started an installer craftsmanship business in Germany. A few years later, he patented his invention of the gas water heater ‘closed system’ – a revolutionary development that defined modern heating. For the first time, home heating consisted of a central unit and radiators in each room. Since then, the company has continued to innovate, leading the development of sustainable heating solutions and revolutionising the industry’s approach to design – all as part of an international group that’s still family-run, and still focused on discovering ways to break new ground. In 1899 Johann Vaillant adopted the “Easter bunny in an egg” as the trademark of Vaillant. This made him one of the pioneers in the field of branded products in the German consumer goods industry. The Vaillant bunny is today the most familiar heating technology trademark in Europe.

history of the vaillant logo

Through the years Vaillant have had to adapt their visual marketing in order to communicate with the consumer of the day. Back in the early 1900s it was via magazine advertisements and although dated, the early adverts remain stunning examples of artwork.

Combining Vaillant and workwear makes perfect sense. Knowing exactly what their tradesmen and women need to wear puts Vaillant in the ideal position to develop a suitable range of products. As they planned to display them on the web, teaming up with Swiftspin made perfect sense too. Vaillant has been working with tradesmen and women for well over a century. During that time, they’ve learned exactly what the rigours of the job entail. Their own products are tested to the highest standard to ensure they’re up to the job – and they’ve approached the new Vaillant range of workwear with the same focus and commitment to quality.

In order to ensure that the quality of their workwear met Vaillant’s high standards they teamed up with workwear giant Dickies. For decades, Dickies has been creating some of the best workwear on the market. They bring nearly a century’s worth of expertise, an extensive knowledge of textile technology and proven craftsmanship to the Vaillant range.

The range includes jackets, boots and safety glasses. But one product in particular provided the opportunity for the Swiftspin team to be a little bit creative. The workwear trousers have pockets for kneepads and we were able to display them going in and out within the spin. This was done in an animation sequence and gives much more information than a simple still shot ever could.

We hope our spins help keep Vaillant at the forefront of visual communication for many years to come. Who knows. Consumers may still be spinning products in another 140 years.

Funnily enough, part way through the project we received another request for some Vaillant spins. We asked if they would need to be shot on mannequins like the others. Our question obviously caused our client some confusion this time. Apparently, the new enquiry actually was from the boiler department and we’ve started spinning those now too!

Check out the Vaillant website.

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