• 360 spin photography training

    360 Spin Photography Training

    We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Spin School’ – bespoke training courses teaching you the skills you need to shoot your own 360 product spins. Whether you are […]

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  • introduction guide to 360 spins

    An introduction to 360 spins

    An introduction to 360 Spins is the essential FREE guide to 360 product photography. Written by the development team at Swiftspin® it has been accessed by literally thousands of photographers […]

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  • the history of 360 product photography

    How a tin of custard started the 360 revolution

    When we named it the Swiftspin 360 revolution we didn’t realise exactly how popular 360 product photography would become. Nowadays, companies large and small are displaying their products as spins, […]

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  • animation sequences displayed in 360 degrees

    Don’t just Rotate… Animate!

    When most people think of a 360 product spin they probably imagine an inanimate object on a white background. It’s true that most products look best on white but they […]

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output options for 360 spins

What are your output options?

For those of you who have used our ‘Estimate Request‘ form, you will have noticed the section called ‘Output Options’. In this section there are […]